Marketing/Social Media Manager

We value our employees at NW Artisan Hardware, and are more than eager to qualify such for a potential career in a fast-growing and up and coming business.
Job Title: Social Media/Marketing Manager
Pay: 13.50/hour
Hours: 20-25/week - Flexible Schedule
Work Location: Kaysville
About NW Artisan Hardware: www.nwartisanhardware.com
NW Artisan Hardware was created in response to an increasingly high demand in stylish and modern sliding hardware for doors. After breaking into the market and becoming one of the leading product innovators in the barn door hardware industry, NW Artisan Hardware is set on expanding it's marketing to increase products and exposure. With ever changing inventory and the desire to lead the charge in developing new and trending products, NW Artisan Hardware is paving towards product progression. A small staff with big ideas has helped propel the company into rapid growth, and limitless potential.
Job Responsibilities:
The Marketing/Social Media Manager for NW Artisan Hardware will have the opportunity to aid tremendously in the growth of the business.
An integral part of marketing in an internet driven age and business is the use of social media. To aid in the responsibility the ability to use pinterest, houzz, facebook, twitter, and youtube will be extremely important. The manager is responsible for maintaining and evolving NW Artisan Hardware's online presence and image.
Keeping customers intrigued and updated on the current product trends and running marketing campaigns will be of vital importance. As the Marketing/Social Media Manager, he/she will work directly with the Marketing Director, together setting goals and creating a vision for increased sales and new products.
Lastly, He/she will work directly with website developers in updating products and launching new product pages, as well as contributing ideas to the design of the overall website. Along with assisting in posting products on a variety of e-commerce web pages, he/she will create and maintain a company blog; this is where creativity is key.
- Creative and Outgoing
- Knowledge of and skill with Social Media Marketing/Advertising
- Proficient with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogging
- Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and SEO experience a plus.
- Communication Writing Skills
If a student, Junior/Senior preferred
Contact: Chase
Phone: 801-698-2580
Email: jesnorton5@gmail.com
Application Instructions:
Please send a complete resume
- State your degree or current major
- Cover Letter with two to three paragraphs stating why you would make an excellent addition to the team. Include career goals
(Optional) Links to pinterest or other social media accounts that display your talent/interest in design and/or marketing
(Optional) Also, please send any other personal work; including advertising or marketing campaigns, adobe photoshop/illustrator work that you feel represents your ability to communicate effectively.

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