Looking To Adopt A Grandma

We are looking to adopt a grandma into our family of six kids! But wait... before you stop reading... we only need a Granny Nanny for our newest addition: one beautiful baby girl! The other kids are older and can fend for themselves :) We just need our nanny to care for, hold, and help cherish our youngest (she's just over 2 weeks old) while my husband works and while I get out of the house about three times a week. There won't be any housework... no cooking or cleaning... no other kids to tend to... no transporting... and nothing to distract you from the one little angel you will cuddle and care for. We really want a grandma-type nanny because we know that you will have experience from caring for your own children and grandchildren, won't need to bring little ones with you, will have patience, love, and a perspective about how precious life is. Oh... and we just LOVE all of our grandmothers and are excited to bring on another one!!!
Love our little girl
Hold, Cuddle, and Cherish her here in our beautiful home
Don't expose her to cigarette smoke or any other harmful substances
Have experience with children/grandchildren of your own
Be willing to learn infant CPR (we can learn it here in our home together)
Pass a background check (we love our daughter too much not to do this)
Comply with the standards of our home (no foul language or bad habits etc)
Possess the same beliefs about the caring for/raising of young children
Contact: Julie
Phone: 801-671-2307
Email: mrsjuleswhitehead@gmail.com
Feel free to text, email, or call

Don't Be Fooled

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