Manufacturing / Assembly Technician

Manufacturing / Assembly Technicians (Part-time 16 to 20 hrs per week)
We are looking to hire a number of individuals who have mechanical/technical experience. These individuals will be assembling a new and exciting appliance that will be used in homes, laboratories, and restaurants.
The following list is a description of the skills and personal attributes we are looking for in these employees:
Our company and its products are remarkable. We expect that our employees will take pride in their work. The workplace culture is extremely important.
If you have interest in this position please contact us by forwarding a resume to careers@harvestright.com or you may call us at 801-923-4673. Your resume should include a phone number so we can contact you. Once we have your information we will get right back to you.
The following skills are needed:
Must be able to use screw drivers (powered and unpowered) and small box-end wrenches in the assembly of components.
Should be able to braze copper to copper fittings using acetylene/oxygen torches. However this is a skill that we can teach.
Using simple tools is also necessary. This includes: drills, saws, small motors and compressed air equipment.
Some experience in refrigeration would be helpful. This will be taught to employees who don't have such experience.
An ability to count and measure using calipers, rulers and tapes is necessary. Attention to detail is important.
Reading, writing and speaking English coherently is required. Our employees must be able to understand and follow written instructions and spoken directions in English as they will be following a sequence of assembly. Every product has a manufacturing list that will be followed, signed and verified.
Meeting established output parameters is also important. As a company we will have production and shipping requirements that must be met.
Employees will follow a casual dress standard provided by the company. This may include wearing protective aprons, eyewear, safety shoes and gloves.
The ability to communicate and get along with others is important. Teamwork is important.
Punctuality is required. Individuals will be expected to be on time for work and not leave until the end of the work day.
Contact: Daniel Neville
Phone: 801-550-6316
Email: dan.itera@yahoo.com
email: careers@harvestright.com
Telephone: 801-923-4673

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